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Ultracapacitors for Aerospace

and Defense Applications

Although ultracapacitors are currently being used in a wide array of industries, their applications in aerospace and defense applications are minimal. This limited use is primarily due to the inability of these components to withstand hostile conditions. Conventional supercapacitors do not meet the stringent performance and reliability requirements of today’s aerospace and defense industries.

In aerospace and defense systems, electronic components are used in a wide range of subsystems including telemetry subsystems, structural subsystems, tracking subsystems, velocity control subsystems, power distribution subsystems, and thermal control subsystems. Most of these applications subject electronic systems to large shocks, extreme vibrations, and hostile temperatures.

Unlike conventional supercapacitors, FastCAP low temperature and structural ultracapacitors are engineered to withstand extreme shocks, vibrations, and hostile temperatures. It is these characteristics that make them an ideal choice for use in modern defense and aerospace industries.

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