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New Applications for Ultracapacitors in Extreme Environments

Tuesday April 24, 2019

2:00pm Eastern Standard Time


In this webinar, we will describe new applications that can utilize ultracapacitors such as:

  • Battery replacement in downhole MWD systems like mud pulse and EMT, with examples runs using Nanoramic's FastCAP Ultracapacitors.  We'll review how it enables other technology and increases safety.
  • Battery Replacement for short run memory and pressure gauges in downhole environment
  • Implantable medical devices
  • Replacement for wet tantalum capacitors
  • Replacement for tantalum capacitors on solid state drives
  • Electronics support in cold temperature aerospace applications
  • Real Time Clock
  • Ultra high and low temperature applications
  • High Pressure conditions



Mitch Koffel
Director Of Business Development

Mitch has spent over 25 years in the energy storage and battery markets. His focus has been working with OEM’s to design and develop energy storage systems for their products. These applications have included a variety of markets and applications such as satellites, down hole tools, military devices, notebook computers, radios, and medical devices.

He started his career in front line engineering and sales positions, rising through the ranks to positions of senior management and ownership. Mitch’s experience spans a variety of disciplines including product development, engineering, management, sales, production, marketing, and business development.


Christopher Deane
VP Manufacturing

Christopher joined Nanoramic in 2010.  After graduating from Boston University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering he started his career at a Fortune 100 company developing energy storage devices before joining Nanoramic.

Christopher developed the high temperature ultracapacitor technology from a lab prototype into a scalable product line including a variety of sizes and models.  He is the author of several granted patents in Energy Storage Devices and Systems and is an expert in energy storage assembly, methods, and design for manufacturing.

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